Landscaping Companies in Coconut Creek

by Yvonne Lopez | Sep 14, 2017


In the wake of Hurricane Irma, our landscape staff has been actively meeting with businesses, homeowner’s associations, and individual homeowners to assess tree and landscape damage. We are currently waiving tree-removal permits for trees that cannot be saved, as determined by the City. Please remember that we have Certified Arborists on staff who can help you determine whether your tree needs selective pruning, trimming, or removal. Also remember that any person trimming on your trees should be a licensed tree trimmer with Broward County ID and be insured. Please call us if you need our assistance 954-973-6756!

All of the firms listed are licensed and insured and are either based in Coconut Creek or do a large volume of work in the City.

Complete Property Maintenance (CPM):  under contract until 10/13/17, but available after that (954) 973-3333,

Phil’s Tree Service:  (954) 931-3700,

Second to None Landscape & Tree Service:   (954) 366-1715,

JLS Landscape Services: (954) 956-7454,

Neighborhood Tree Service: (954) 520-0679

Top Notch Tree Service: (954) 975-7972,

Potter's Lawn & Landscaping: under contract until 09/29/17, but available after that (954) 946-7544

Auchter Enterprises:  under contract until 10/13/17, but available after that (561) 718-3709,

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