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The Planning and Zoning division functions within the Department of Sustainable Development and provides guidance and enforcement of the City’s Land Development Code. Responsibilities are:

Business Tax Receipts
Required for businesses in the City.

City Green Plan
Sustainable programs and policies.

City’s Future Plans
Comp, Green & Trailways Plans.

Current/Proposed Projects
A list of projects going on in City.

Economic Development
Reasons to do business in our City!

Development Review Committee
Development review applications.

Housing Resources
  Housing and community services.

Land Development Code
Municode - find our Code online.

Landscape Compliance
Landscaping related links.

Our future downtown.

Neighborhood Enhancement Grant
Information &  how to apply.

Traffic Calming Guidelines

Zoning Map
Printable PDF

Additional City Maps
GIS Maps

Future Land Use Map
Printable PDF

For more map information or a higher resolution map, please click here to visit our GIS page.

Thumbnail of Future Land Use Map

Planning and Zoning Staff

Sheila Rose
Director of Sustainable Development

Scott Stoudenmire
Deputy Director of Sustainable Dev.

Liz Aguiar
Senior Planner

Linda Whitman
Senior Planner

Swati Meshram
Senior Planner

Natacha Josiah
Planning Technician

Marianne Bowers
Housing & Grants Specialist

Janeane Wolfe
Development Review Technician

Sharon Vollmer
Urban Forester

David Poplawski
Landscape Inspector

Denise Stecko
Administrative Assistant

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