Beginning next week on Monday, January 22nd, the City's contractor, Stanford Construction, will start milling the following streets to prepare them for paving.  (Hours of operation will be from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm):

PHASE 1:  NW 54th Street, NW 43rd Avenue, NW 44th Avenue, NW 53rd Court (Dates January 22nd-23rd).

PHASE II:  NW 54th Court, NW 38th Terrace, NW 39th Avenue, NW 55th Street, NW 55th Court, NW 56th Street, NW 57th Street (Dates- January 24th -26th).

New pavement is scheduled to be applied within two weeks from milling.

Also in progress at this time is the widening of westbound Winston Park Boulevard's right turn lane section near State Road 7.  The turn lane section is being widened to accommodate a separate bike lane that will be introduced along the full length of Winston Park Boulevard between State Road 7 and Lyons Road.  Replacement of damaged sidewalks along Alexandra Boulevard will commence shortly.



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Damaged sidewalk replacement and root barrier installation throughout the Winston Park community east of Lyons Road is virtually completed. In this same area, work continues on the upgrade of handicap sidewalk ramps to comply with the American With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. The completed work can be seen in the areas highlighted in brown on the adjacent map.

Milling and repaving of the streets interior to the communities will start after completion of the ADA handicap ramps.

Final paving of the reconstructed portion of Winston Park Boulevard east of Lyons Road will commence after the interior streets are paved.

Please drive cautiously along that reconstructed portion west of the Elementary School until application of final pavement, expected in April, 2018.

Effort is being made to accelerate the schedule for introducing decorative plantings within the newly constructed median isles along Winston Park Boulevard to December. Please excuse the weeds and foliage that has currently overtaken those medians.


The City of Coconut Creek is committed to maintaining a high quality of life for its residents. The Comprehensive Street Improvements project is in line with the City's mission statement of fostering continuous quality improvement, quality of life, and personal security.

On Monday, July 17, work started on a $5,500,000 roadway improvement project addressing nearly 15 miles of City streets located between Sample Road and Sawgrass Expressway. The project scope includes the paving of City streets, the construction of new sidewalks as well as upgrading existing sidewalks, and the introduction of new landscaping, patterned pavement, and other beautification features. The project started with work on the section of Winston Park Boulevard located between Lyons and NW 39th Avenue - in the vicinity of Winston Park Elementary School. (View Map) Construction on that section commenced on July 17th.

Included in the construction work at this section are three (3) raised medians, replacing the existing five (5') wide sidewalks on the south side of Winston Park Boulevard with the new wider eight (8') foot sidewalks, and roadway reconstruction to provide a stronger foundation for the Winston Park Boulevard pavement. Road construction signs and traffic control barricades will be visible all along this area as well as any necessary construction "cones".

This is a fast track construction project and construction work on roadways other than Winston Park Boulevard will commence shortly. Replacement of damaged sidewalks throughout Winston Park communities east of Lyons Road is currently in progress. Please be aware of traffic information, barricades and various redirection of traffic. Also monitor this site for continued updates.  A construction timetable will be posted in the near future.

Contact the Utilities & Engineering Department at 954-973-6786 should you have any questions.

New sidewalk completed around the interior loop of Winston Park Boulevard North.

Swale reconstruction completed

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