Completed Top Strategic Initiatives for FY19

  1. Plan, expand, upgrade, and maintain City infrastructure while considering environmental preservation and promoting green initiatives with the following projects:
    1. Completed Coconut Creek High School area and Cougar Trail improvements.
    2. Completed Parks and Recreation Master Plan process.
    3. Completed Utilities and Engineering Building Expansion Project.
    4. Awarded contract for the installation of Coconut Creek Parkway Pedestrian Lighting Project. Estimated completion date is July 2020.
    5. Completed design of Phase II of the Comprehensive Street Improvement Project.
    6. Initiated final State Road 7 Median Beautification Project between the Sawgrass Expressway and Winston Park Boulevard. Coral Springs to pay for 50% of maintenance. Capital funds included in the City’s CIP Plan.
    7. Completed design and awarded construction of Splash Pad projects at Community Center and Recreation Complex. Estimated completion date is February 2020.
    8. Continued engagement with FDOT and MPO to advance $15 million federally funded Lyons Road Complete Streets Project. Construction to begin in January. Hired a transportation specialist in Sustainable Development to educate residents and monitor construction.
    9. Completed numerous parks and community facilities improvements, and bus shelter and HVAC replacements.
    10. Completed City Hall lobby renovation. City Manager/City Attorney office renovation anticipated to be completed January 2020. Roofing project anticipated to be completed in December, solar panel project completed in February.
  2. Enhance public safety:
    1. Continued to maintain accreditation from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation. Newly hired accreditation program manager conducted internal mock assessment and determined that the city is in compliance with year one requirements.
    2. Continued to expand community policing practices, crime trend analysis, and public outreach by hiring a crime trend analyst, attending HOA meetings, and holding several events with a cop at local businesses.
    3. Updated the City’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP).
    4. Updated school emergency response plans for each school, updated maps of the schools, and conducted training with all staff to ensure familiarity with each individual school. All schools are fully staffed and in compliance with SRO agreement and state mandates. Approved video surveillance agreement with the School Board.
    5. Enhanced officer legal training by initiating approvals and procurement of the Police Law Institute e-Learning system for legal updates, interactive lessons, and a downloadable lesson summary.
    6. Designed and awarded contract for a comprehensive government facilities and parks security camera system installation.
    7. Participated in the Florida Department of Transportation High Visibility Enforcement Grant program intended as a crash mitigation tool to assist with bicycle and pedestrian safety. Officers attended a four-hour course on pedestrian and bicycle law enforcement.
    8. Continued to realign the police department’s organizational structure and operations by implementing recommendations provided by the Center for Public Safety Management. The CPSM recommended organizational structure has been implemented and all staffing recommendations are in process.
    9. Margate Fire/EMS services Interlocal Agreement was extended for two years with a 5% increase negotiated in Year 1.
    10. Continued coordination with the City of Coral Springs and drafted an Interlocal Agreement to effectuate a four-city E-911 Communications Agreement. Agreement to be placed on October Commission Meeting for approval after approval by the City of Coral Springs.
  3. Actualize MainStreet while ensuring sustainable economic development opportunities:
    1. Initiated process for development of city-owned MainStreet property for civic and recreational purposes based on results of Parks Master Plan Study and continued to evaluate MainStreet Design Standards to be updated. Joseph Kohl of Dover, Kohl & Partners was hired to assist with an updated vision of the MainStreet project.
    2. Continued to work with the contract purchaser of the John’s Property to effectuate desired development in the MainStreet area.
    3. Identified property for a temporary fire station (#113) and alternatives for a permanent Public Safety facility for Police and Fire in the MainStreet area.
  4. Retain a high-quality workforce and management team:
    1. Optimized employee training, development, and succession planning. All employees are up to date on required training.
    2. Enhanced and revamped the student intern program.
    3. Held two (2) City employee General Assemblies with employee recognition and awards.
    4. Developed and implemented a Driver Safety Program for employees.
  5. Ensure a high quality lifestyle and maintain/increase property values:
    1. Monitored Waste Management Settlement Agreement for compliance and ensured that any odors/nuisances were swiftly remedied. Hired an in-house environmental specialist to continually monitor applications and correspondence regarding the landfill, review historical documents, and make recommendations for compliance. Lobbied County Commission to enact law to require written communication for permitting or licensing applications and rezonings and variances. Monitored solid waste and recycling issues impacting Broward County. Actively participated in Broward County Solid Waste Study supporting a County (district) solid waste system.
    2. Continued to monitor PD&E Study and aggressively oppose proposed Turnpike expansion projects negatively affecting the City. Held meetings with Turnpike officials and study consultants to voice our opposition to their plan. Sent letters identifying issues and communicating the desire to remain involved in the process.
    3. Ensured that FP&L, AT&T and Comcast remove equipment/wooden poles and transfer distribution lines in a timely fashion as FP&L pole hardening occurred in the City. Approximately 20 poles were removed during the year.
    4. Continued with Hillsboro Corridor Plan creating public/private partnerships.
    5. Continued to earn distinguished recognition from private, State, and Federal Associations.
    6. Continued to enhance e-government applications in Sustainable Development and Recreation.
    7. Promoted Butterfly Express and created app to effectuate ridership of more than 3,400 per month.
    8. Created a partnership with the Township Theater to hold three (3) 50-piece symphony orchestra concerts in the winter and spring with reduced prices for residents and children.
    9. Impeccably completed Hurricane Dorian preparation and timely resident communication.
    10. Completed a solid waste hauling request for proposal process and negotiated a new franchise agreement.
    11. Completed all required processes to form three (3) Commission-recommended advisory boards - Public Safety, Education, and Community Outreach - in time for April 2019 appointments.
    12. Assisted in the creation of the Coconut Creek/Seminole Education Foundation to be funded by the Seminole Tribe.
  6. Ensure regional presence/participation in economic development and countywide issues:
    1. Board member of the Broward County City Managers’ Association (BCCMA).
    2. BCCMA liaison and participant in the Broward Solid Waste Study Committee.
    3. Board member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance.
    4. Board member of the E911 City Manager Improvement Committee.
    5. Trustee Member of the Coral Springs Chamber/Coconut Creek Council.
    6. Prepared the City’s annual state and federal legislative agendas.  Communicated with our state and federal lobbyists, State Representatives, US Senators, and Congressman.
    7. Attended County and MPO meetings regarding the transportation surtax calculation and distribution implementation process.  Approximately $80 million worth of transportation projects were submitted by the City and included in Broward County’s formal Transportation Surtax Plan, preliminarily approved for funding by the County.