1972The City of Coconut Creek’s Volunteer Fire Department was created. Don Schlichtmann was the first Volunteer Fire Chief. Some of the founding members were Art Doethlaff, Neal Henderson, Bill Herder, Joe Merindion, and Walter Culbreth.
1982The Coconut Creek Public Safety Department was established. John Whalen was the first Public Safety Director and was in charge of both police and fire activities.
1990George LaFlam was named Director of the Public Safety Department.
1993The Public Safety North Substation was constructed (Fire Station 94)
2000Steven Pollio was named Fire Chief.
2000The City of Coconut Creek signed a contract with the City of Margate to provide Fire Rescue Services.
2012The Margate-Cocount Creek Fire Department earns an ISO (Insurance Services Office) Class I rating, ranking in the top 1% of fire departments in the country.
2013Fire Chief Steven Pollio retires after 33 years in the fire service.
2013Rodney Zancanata is promoted to Fire Marshal.
2015Fire Marshal Rodney Zancanata retires after 34 years in the fire service.
2015Jeffery Gary is promoted to Fire Marshal and now oversees the Coconut Creek Fire Marshal's Office.
2017Fire Station 50 opens, proudly serving South Creek.
TodayThe Coconut Creek Fire Marshal's Office, performs fire investigations, conducts public education presentations, coordinates emergency preparedness, completes annual fire inspections and directs the Community Emergency Response Team. The Coconut Creek's City Manager's Office oversees the day-to-day operations of the city's fire rescue contract with the City of Margate.
Photos provided by: Louis Klockziem

Margate - Coconut Creek Fire Rescue has:

  • Five fire stations (Station 50, Station 94, Station 18, Station 98, and Station 58)
  • Three advanced life support ladder companies
  • Two advanced life support engine companies
  • Five advanced life support rescue units