Fire Rescue Department FAQs

by Jason Ramdewar | Aug 20, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a fire protection services assessment?

A. A fire protection services assessment (also known as non-ad valorem fire assessment) is an annual charge to fund a portion of the fire department’s operations. This assessment can only be used to fund fire-rescue services and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Q. Is this a new fee?

A. No, this is not new fee. In fact, this fee has been billed as part of annual property tax bill since 2001.

Q. How much is the fire protection services assessment increase?

A. The proposed annual Fire Assessment fees increase is $4.09 per month for single-family homes, and $3.68 per month for multi-family homes. 

Q. Why is there a fee increase?

A. Due to development and increased call response times in the center area of the City, Coconut Creek began planning the opening of another fire station several years ago regardless if we continued to contract fire protection services with the City of Margate. The City completed an updated 2022 Fire Protection Assessment Study, which incorporates the costs to add the new Fire Station #113 and the expansion of service.  The new station is located behind the Home Depot on Wiles Road and will be fully staffed and equipped to respond to calls beginning October 1, 2021. 

Q. Are proposed staffing levels adequate to serve Coconut Creek?

A. Coconut Creek’s proposed staffing levels are in accordance with industry standards and are sufficient for a premier and well-run fire department.

Q.  Will there be a gap in service level?

A.  No.  The Coconut Creek Fire Rescue Department will be adequately staffed, and much like any other fire department in the County, the Coconut Creek Fire Rescue Department will both provide and receive closest unit, automatic and mutual aid response from neighboring cities.

Q. Are my property taxes increasing as well?

A. The proposed Property Tax Millage Rate for FY22 is 6.4463, a 1.4% decrease from the current year’s millage of 6.5378.

Q. I still have questions, who should I call?

A. If you have any questions, please contact the City’s Finance and Administrative Services Department at (954) 973-6730.