Windmill Dog Park - Coconut Creek, Florida

Resident Fee

$35.00/per year


$25.00/annual renewal with fob

Resident Additional Dog

$15.00/per dog

Non-resident Fee

$70.00/per year


$60.00/annual renewal with fob

Non-resident Additional Dog

$30.00/per dog

Note No more than 3 dogs per membership.

Windmill Dog Park Homepage

To register or renew, please call 954-545-6670.

  1. No animals other than dogs may be brought into the fenced area.
  2. Dogs shall wear on a collar with ID and display dog license and rabies vaccination at all times while in the park.
  3. All dogs must be leashed until safely inside the Dog Park and returned to a leash prior to exiting the Dog Park. Owners/handlers must have one (1) leash per dog at all times.
  4. Dog owners/handlers must remain in the fenced area while their dogs are using the Dog Park and must be in view of their dogs with voice control at all times. Never leave your dog(s) unattended.
  5. Dog owners/handlers must be age 18 or older to be allowed in the Dog Park area. Children accompanying dog owners/handlers must be strictly supervised by an adult. Spectators should remain outside the fenced area.
  6. Aggressive dogs and female dogs in heat are not allowed inside the Dog Park. Owners/handlers must immediately leash and remove dogs from the Dog Park at the first sign of aggression, hostility, or combative behavior.
  7. Dog owners/handlers must pick up after their dog(s) and use proper disposal containers provided.
  8. While small, bite-sized training treats are permitted, food in bowls, long-lasting chews, or glass containers are not permitted.
  9. Smoking and eating are not allowed inside the Dog Park.
  10. Sick or injured dogs are not allowed inside the Dog Park. Owners/ handlers of dogs with a known sickness/injury or displaying sick or injured behavior will be required to remove their dog(s) immediately from the Dog Park.
  11. Each adult may have a maximum of three (3) dogs at a time inside the Dog Park.
  12. No digging. If your dog digs within the Dog Park you must notify City Staff immediately to ensure the area is restored to a safe condition.
  13. The owner(s) of a dog agree(s) that, by using the Dog Park, he/she is solely responsible and liable for the actions of his/her dog(s) and his/her dog's handler and are assuming the full risk of any injuries, damages, and/or losses connected with or associated with his/her dog's use of the Dog Park. If your dog inflicts an injury, you (or your dog's handler in your absence) must give your name and telephone number to the other dog owner/handler before leaving the Dog Park.
  14. Puppies less than four (4) months old are not permitted inside the Dog Park.
  15. Recreational bicycles, tricycles, big-wheels, wagons, roller-blades, skateboards, and the like are not permitted inside the Dog Park.
  16. Shoes must be worn at all times while inside the Dog Park.
  17. No attendant will be on duty; the use of the Dog Park is unsupervised and self-directed.  However, if general assistance is needed, please call the Parks & Recreation Department at 954-448-3319. If immediate or life threating assistance is needed, please call 911.
  18. Choke, spike, pinch, prong collars are not allowed inside the Dog Park.
  19. The off-leash dog area (fenced area) is for dogs, their owners/ handlers, and those children accompanying them. No other use is allowed. These areas are designated for recreational canine activities. It is not intended for any other purpose.
  20. No professional or commercial training is allowed inside the Dog Park except for City-sponsored events.
  21. The dog wash stations are available for Dog Park members only. All shampoos and cleaning supplies must be removed from the Dog Park upon exiting the Dog Park.
  22. All dogs and owners/handlers use the Dog Park at their own risk. Owners/handlers must agree to and formally execute the City's "Acceptance of Risk and Release of Liability and Waiver Form" prior to use of the Dog Park.
  23. Dog owners/handlers must never use their gate pass to allow another dog owner/handler into the Dog Park. Failure to abide by this rule will result in loss of Dog Park privileges. No refunds will be given. (This policy will be strictly enforced.)
  24. No freezes or transfers of memberships.
  25. As deemed necessary to facilitate a safe environment, City of Coconut Creek Parks and Recreation staff reserve the right to implement/enforce additional Dog Park rules.
  26. City staff reserve the right to ask to see members' key fob(s) and/ or identification.
  27. Dog owners/handlers who fail to abide by rules and regulations are subject to loss of Dog Park privileges.