Solid Waste Service

The City of Coconut Creek contracts with Republic Service to provide all residential solid waste services including collection of household garbage, bulk waste and yard waste. Please contact Republic Service at 954-327-9550

Garbage must be placed by the curb in the City issued garbage cart prior to 7:00 AM on your pickup day.

Please see single family garbage collection map below for information on the pick up days for your area.

Single Family Garbage Collection Map

Garbage is collected twice per week. Bulk trash is picked up once per week. By grouping these activities together, we can strive to reduce the total amount of waste our community produces, while offering a mix of collection and disposal options.

The City of Coconut Creek provides four types of solid waste services and participates in a Household Hazardous Waste Program. Household hazardous events are held monthly.


Garbage or bulk missed?

Contact Republic Services 954-327-9550.

Construction and Demolition Dumpsters

Republic Service is the exclusive provider of roll off dumpsters for commercial and residential customers in the City of Coconut Creek. Please contact Republic Services 954-327-9550.

Proper Garbage Cart Placement


The cart should be placed within two feet (2’) of the edge of road. The front of the cart (side with bar) must be facing the road so that the mechanical arm of the truck can attach to the bar.

Improper Garbage Cart Placement

improper r

It is important that the carts be placed curbside properly. The driver will not exit the collection truck to make carts accessible for collection. To that end, if they are not placed correctly, they will not be collected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I can not fit all of my garbage in one cart?

Garbage carts when combined with recycling are designed to have enough capacity to meet your needs. All garbage must fit inside your cart.  Your cart will not be emptied if items are left on top of the cart. If you find you have more garbage than the cart can hold, please save any excess for the next collection day.

2. What if I need additional carts?

If you regularly find that your cart does not hold all your garbage, additional carts may be purchased for $ 75.00 each (includes delivery) directly from Republic Service at 954-327-9550

3. Can I place garbage in bags next to my cart?

No, only items that are placed in the cart will be collected by the automated truck.

4. Can I put my regular trash and recyclables in one cart?

Yes, all trash and recyclables should go together in your green cart.

5. Can I put landscaping debris in my cart?

Yes, branches, limbs, grass clippings and other vegetative items must be placed in the garbage cart or put out with your scheduled weekly bulk pick-up. Your cart will not be emptied if items are left on top of the cart.

6. What items CAN NOT be put in my cart?

Oil, paints, insecticides, chemicals, automobile parts, batteries, tires, medical waste including hypodermic needles and syringes and hazardous waste will not be collected. Learn more about hazardous waste disposal.

7. How do I replace a lost, damaged or stolen cart?

Please contact Republic Service at 954-327-9550.