Who can use the drop-off center?
All City residents and businesses may utilize the Recycle Right Drop-Off Center. All residents utilizing the Center must present proof of residency in Coconut Creek such as a Driver’s License, I.D. Card, or current utility bill. All businesses must present a copy of their current business tax receipt.

What can be dropped off?
Corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened), rinsed plastic bottles and jugs labeled #1 and #2, and rinsed aluminum and steel cans.

When is the Recycling Drop-off Center open?
The Recycle Right Drop-Off Center hours of operation will be Friday through Sunday between 8 AM – 4 PM (excluding holidays).

Where is it located?
The Recycle Right Drop-Off Facility is located behind the City of Coconut Creek Police Department at 4800 West Copans Road. The entrance to the Facility is on NW 22nd Street just west of Lyons Road and south of Copans Road.  For detailed directions see the map below. 

NOTE: No trash, hazardous waste, special waste such as paint, tires, and batteries, bulk waste, or yard waste will be accepted at the Recycle Right Drop-Off Center. For more information on how to dispose of these materials. Please go to CoconutCreek.net/HazardWaste

Recycle Right Drop-Off Center