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Why Recycling Changed

Low, and in some cases, no demand in the global marketplace for materials such as glass and plastics #3 through #7, combined with the low value of mixed paper and high rates of contamination (between 30% & 40% in Coconut Creek), have created significant increases in the cost of processing materials.  Prior to these conditions, the City received approximately $40,000 per year for the processing of the recycled materials we collected, which was utilized to offset collection costs. Today, we are paying over $200,000 per year for processing and approximately one third of our recycling is going to the landfill due to contamination.

The City is changing the manner by which we process materials collected from your green and white rollout carts. At this time, all materials collected from single family residents, both garbage and recycling will be sent to the Wheelabrator South Broward Waste-to-Energy plant located in Davie.

At the Waste-to-Energy plant, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated out from the materials we deliver and are recycled back into the marketplace to create new products. The remainder is incinerated into fuel that can produce as much as 66 megawatts of electricity used to power over 38,000 homes in Broward County.

Processing through Waste-to-Energy is expected to reduce current processing costs by $50,000 per year and reduce the amount of waste ending up in the landfill. While this change may not be the most desirable manner of processing recyclables, under the current conditions, it is the best option for the City of Coconut Creek at this time and until a regional solution is implemented.

As both garbage and recycling will be processed through the Waste-to-Energy facility, there is no longer a need to separate your recyclables from your garbage. The materials should all be placed in the green cart, the white cart will no longer be utilized.

Please Note: Multi Family and Mobile Home Parks fall under a different category and the Recycling Carts will still be collected.

No, as noted above, the hauler will no longer be emptying them. However, each resident that is interested can purchase an additional cart through Republic Services for $75.00. Please call 954-327-9550 option 5.

Yes, the City opened its first recycling drop-off facility behind the Coconut Creek Police Department just south of Lyons Road on NW 22NDStreet.

All City residents and businesses may utilize the Recycle Right Drop-Off Center. All residents utilizing the Center must present proof of residency in Coconut Creek such as a Driver’s License, I.D. Card, or current utility bill. All businesses must present a copy of their current business tax receipt.

Corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened), rinsed plastic bottles and jugs labeled #1 and #2, rinsed aluminum and steel cans, and glass bottles and jars (Glass drop off only available at the South Drop-Off Center)

NOTE: No hazardous waste, special waste such as paint, tires, and batteries, bulk waste, or yard waste will be accepted at the Recycle Right Drop-Off Center. For more information on how to dispose of these materials. Please go to

The South Recycle Right Drop-Off Center hours of operation will be Friday through Sunday between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (excluding holidays) and the North Drop-off Center hours are Monday through Saturday between 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM and Sunday from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM. All residents utilizing the Center must present proof of residency in Coconut Creek such as a Driver’s License, I.D. Card, or current utility bill).

Recently, China began limiting imports on recycling. Prior to these new restrictions, 27% of all US recycling went to China. Currently, China is only accepting 3% of US recycling.

Low grade mixed paper and mixed plastics #3 thru #7 now have little market value/demand due to the glut of material on the world market. Much of it gets sent to the landfill.

As more people use the internet for information, the use of newspaper has declined greatly in recent years. The reduction in volume has created a situation where the material has a very low and cost prohibitive market value.

North Drop-off Center

Winston Park Nature Center
5201 NW 49th Avenue
Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

South Drop-off Center

Behind Coconut Creek Police
Behind Coconut Creek Police Station
Off NW 22nd Street and Lyons Road
Friday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Paper, Newspaper & Mixed Plastic

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